Brandon Morrissette is an African American student living in Chicago. He is graduating from Kenwood Academy and plans to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to pursue a BFA in Studio. He primarily works with ink and marker, but he also works in other media such as graphite, coloring pencils, and digitally. He’s been featured in the Chicago Architecture Center Newhouse Competition, Project Osmosis All High School Design Competition, and the CPS All-City Senior Portfolio Exhibition amongst other exhibitions.   More Student Artwork.


Daisha Malone was born and raised on the southside of Chicago and attends The Chicago High School for the Arts. Working with mainly colored pencil and collage, Daisha’s work explores themes related to space, black culture, and her own everyday life. She uses art as a way to showcase her upbringing and the things that influences her life and makes her who she is.

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Julio is a high school senior at Lincoln Park Highschool who was admitted into the School of the Art Institute's College Arts Access Program. This opportunity helped shape Julio’s artistic and creative mind to find what he excels in and is passionate about. Working primarily in a 2-D setting, Julio finds drawing with charcoal and ink captivating, his favorite subject to draw is the human figure. He also enjoys photography and capturing scenes at the moment, his plans after high school is not art related but plans to keep his artistic spirit alive throughout his life.   

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Julisa Hernandez is a senior at Lake View High School in Chicago, IL. She expresses herself in her sketchbook through recording and collaging different texts and illustrative imagery, for the purpose of keeping track and investigating how different imagery becomes associated to memories and emotions. Typically working in mixed media, she's looking forward to using her experiences and what she's learned in the College Arts Access program in her future education.   More Student Artwork.  


Alex Bradley is an African American male who attended Walter H. Dyett highschool. Alex has been accepted to both Columbia college located in Chicago, IL and  Massachusetts art located in Boston, Ma he will be attending Mass art. Alex works with graphite and ink but isn’t afraid to take on a new medium. His goals are to learn graphic design, printmaking, and photography in college. Alex helped take part in installing a mural in Buffalo, NY and also was a feature in the All-City exhibition two years in a row.   More Student Artwork.


Diana Salinas is a Chicana student from Chicago, IL. Currently a future graduate at Nicholas Senn High school located in the Edgewater neighborhood. As a visual artist, she primarily works in drawing/painting and the digital medium, exploring human relationships with the goal to share such narratives to the world.   More Student Artwork.


Nayla Vasquez is a Boricua living in Chicago, IL. She is a dual enrolled student (class of 2020) at The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) and College Arts Access Program at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is also in The Chicago Scholar's class of 2024.  She will be attending The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor majoring in Pre-Medicine and minoring in Contemporary Sculpture. She primarily works with 3D art which includes soft sculpture, fibers and textiles, mold making, and more.  Through her sculptures, she educates people about the political, social, economic effects, and realities of being a Latina woman through a lens outside the white women hegemony. Her work had been exhibited on numerous occasions such as at The Nasty Women Art Chicago and more. She has received multiple awards each year but most notably an Art Portfolio Honorable Mention from The National YoungArts Foundation and The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.   More Student Artwork.


Jazmin Hernandez is a Mexican American high school student residing in Chicago, IL. She was born and raised in the west side of Chicago in the little village neighborhood. When she went into high school she started to seek artistic opportunities to help her strive as an artist. It all started with SAIC’s college arts access program and later in her senior year she enrolled in Gallery 37’s advanced arts program which both helped her grow as an artist. As she was in these two programs, she focused on making stories and animations using photoshop, ink, and markers.   More Student Artwork.


Angelina will be graduating at Lane Tech College Prep High School. 


Em Guczal is a Polish American high school senior from Chicago IL. They are a future graduate of The Chicago High School for the Arts located in Humboldt Park. They enjoy creating both sculptural and illustrative works in their practice, using a variety of materials like fabric, found objects, and polymer clay for their sculptures and utilizing both traditional and digital mediums for their illustrations. Currently, their focus is on developing their skill in sequential arts and storyboarding, and hope to further pursue that goal in college.

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